Monday, November 7, 2011

Jess's BabyShower: Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...

I had a baby shower for my gal pal, Jess. She is due December 19th (I think, maybe the 17th, I keep getting mixed up) and she looks ADORABLE as a little pregnant mama! I decided to base the shower theme around the nursery rhyme "Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails, that's what little boys are made of." I think it turned out pretty cute and we had an awesome turn-out because everyone loves Jess so much! I should have taken more pics, but at least I got these ones!

These were the announcements I sent out. Ordered them from if you're wondering :).

These were my FROGS, aren't they cute!?! I made "frog eye salad" and then put these little fruity frog faces on them. I thought frog-eye salad was a well known food, but apparently it isn't! If you haven't had it, you should google a recipe 'cause it's tasty! It has little tiny pasta pieces in it called, "acini de pepe" that look like frog eyes or frog eggs, which is where the name comes from. 


These were my SNAILS...cinnamon snails! I pot them on kabob sticks and then poked the sticks into floral styrofoam that I attached to the inside of this cute bucket thing. My first attempt at creating this idea, did not go well! I made really good dough, but it was too "yeasty" and when I put it in the mini cupcake pan and baked them, they exploded out of the pan and become one giant mound of cinnamon bread stuff. So, in my next attempt, I made it easy on myself and bought the pre-made cinnamon rolls that come in those cool cardboard cylinders that POP open when you take the wrapper off. It worked perfect! I just smashed the dough out a little thinner, rolled it up, put it in the mini cupcake pan and voila! They even come with their own frosting! Can't get better than that! I used the cinnamon rolls and the orange rolls for my snails and I think they turned out pretty cute...and tasty!

And finally, the PUPPY DOG TAILS. I had a harder time thinking of how to do this part, but I finally came up with the chocolate dipped pretzel rods idea. They kind of resemble puppy dog tails, right? A word to the wise, white chocolate seems to take about 15 times longer to dry, as compared to milk chocolate. I made these the night before and it was kind of fun! I used coconut shavings, brown sprinkles, and smashed oreos (chocolate and golden) to give some variety to the pretzels and try to make them look more "furry," know, like a puppy dog tail. I thought chocolate licorice fit the bill pretty nicely too. 

  I served a warm Caramel Apple Cider drink because it was FREEZING outside! There was a recipe on a box of apple cider drink packets I had, but it required butterscotch schnapps, and we don't drink I improvised with a similar idea. I had apple cider in the crock pot with a cinnamon stick and orange slices. You fill your cup with the apple cider, add some caramel (ice cream topping), swirl whipped cream on top, drizzle more caramel on top of the whipped cream, and then sprinkle it with cinnamon and nutmeg. Super easy! Super deelish!

I didn't do anything fancy for the Thank-You's. I bought cellophane treat bags, lined them with brown tissue paper, put some of those cute gummy frogs in the bottom and tossed in a chocolate dipped pretzel rod. I made quick "Thank you" tags with envelope labels and a $1 package of paw print stickers. I just wrote "Thank you" on each of them with a sharpie marker. Easy peasy. 

This table was set up in the family room with a bunch of onesies and fabric markers. All our cute guests designed a onesie for Jess's little babe while they munched on some snacks. I had lot's of muddy buddies (aka "puppy chow") on the tables too, I thought that kind of went with the theme. The onesises were SO cute, I can't believe I didn't get a picture! Just imagine the cutest onesies you've ever seen, girls are so crafty!

And that's it! It turned out so fun!
We had LOTS of beautiful women come and it was just a blast! 
Thanks to all you lovely ladies for making it such a good time!
Thanks to Jess for having a baby and letting me throw a shower! 
It's so nice to do something other than work!

Baby Bump Jess, Hillary and Hill's adorable son, Julian. He looked right at the camera! What a little stud!

 Jess and the beautiful Mandy.

 Jess and Abbz! Abbey just got engaged the night before! Woohoo! Looks like we need to plan another shower...bridal shower this time!

 The lovely Megan, glowing Jess, and beautiful Lacey...oh look! They are working on their onesies...and you can see a few on the table behind them! So fun!

 Stacy, Jess, Johanna, Jenny, and pretty :)

 And of course, the Jess and myself!
Love you girl! Can't wait to meet the little one!!

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